Now, this may seem ridiculous and some right-wing propaganda, but the Nazis of Germany and the Democrats of America historically have a lot more in common than one might think.

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OK, well I’ll get to the point which is what do the Democrats, Antifa and the Nazis all have in common?

Now, this may seem ridiculous and some right-wing propaganda, but the Nazis of Germany and the Democrats of America historically have a lot more in common than one might think.

The Democrats today are perceived as the party of progressive values, equal rights and fighting for the social justice of all while the Republicans are perceived as evil racists but this was not always the case. Historically the roles were reversed in that it was historically the Democrats who defended slavery and racism while the Republicans were historically against it with Abraham Lincoln being the first Republican president and the president who ended slavery.

Not to mention there are numerous other examples of Democrats implementing extremely racist policies such as the racial segregation laws implemented by Woodrow Wilson. The Jim Crow laws were implemented by the Democrats. The revivification of the KKK was also conducted by Woodrow Wilson and finally, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) who is touted as a great progressive leader putting Japanese Americans into internment camps during World War 2 but interestingly not putting German or Italian Americans in concentration camps just the Japanese Americans which is as racist as it gets.

So, it is quite clear that the Democrats have a long racist history but what do they have in common with the Nazis of Germany. Well, the term Nazi is an acronym in English for National Socialism. Yes, that’s right Hitler and his party were socialists. The reason for Hitler’s conflict with the communist party in Germany was not because Hitler was Christian as some people have said (and I will prove later in another article that Hitler was not Christian) it was because the communist’s brand of socialism was seen as having adherence to Moscow whereas the Nazis were also about national socialism.

Also, a little-known fact is that the racial segregation laws of the United States were the inspiration for the laws implemented in Germany that targeted Jews. So, what do the Nazis have in common with modern-day left-wing organizations that are defended by the leftist media and the democrats such as Antifa? Well, both the Nazis and Antifa have no problem using violence to silence political dissent and both organizations disregard the belief in freedom of speech and claim they are doing this in the name of the public interest.

In Hitler’s case, he promoted that he was fighting against Jewish oppression specifically referring to the Treaty of Versailles on which Germany was forced to pay 132 billion marks (an unheard amount of money at the time) to pay for wartime reparations for a war Germany didn’t start and tried to end by offering the UK a peace treaty with the conditions of both sides ending the war without any side gaining anything from the other.

In Antifa’s case, they claim they are fighting against institutional racism which is why they use violence to silence speech (such as conservative speakers) as well as vandalize property while claiming that the Republicans are the problem not realizing that while I believe in historical racism, the claim institutional racism exists today is a problematic one as I have never heard anyone define which institutions are racist but even if that was the case that institutional racism was real in the USA today, it would have most likely had its historical roots in policies implemented by the Democrats and it would most likely be the Democrats acting secretly as the puppet masters behind this institutional racism and not the Republicans.

We get to the final crux of this article which is why people in America now associate the Democrats with fighting for justice and the Republicans with being the party of evil racists. I mean yes there was JFK and he did end racial segregation, but one man does not undo the racist history of an entire party. According to the Democrats, the two parties switched sides in the 60s with Richard Nixon’s southern strategy to win the election by appealing to the racists in the deep south of the USA and so the Republicans became the racists, and the Democrats became the good guys fighting for racial equality but this claim is unsubstantiated.

First, none of Nixon’s campaign speeches involved words promoting the idea that Nixon supported racism or appealed to racists and secondly Nixon did not win the deep south in the sixties he won other parts of the south but not the deep south. The deep south did not convert to majority Republican support until the eighties with Ronald Reagan.

Secondly, the claim that the parties switched sides is a ludicrous claim that I would have trouble believing without some seriously good evidence and the burden of proof is on the believer and not the sceptic.

It is up to the left to prove that the party’s switched sides and not on me to disprove it. I mean let us examine this idea for a second. How could a party whose history could be so evil in that they revived the KKK and created the racial segregation laws that Martin Luther King Jnr was fighting against suddenly reconsider their position and in one fell swoop become anti-racist while the party that had traditionally opposed racism and ended slavery suddenly become the party of racists?

It would be like waking up one morning and finding all the criminals in America have decided to become police officers and the police officers decided to become criminals. It is way too unbelievable to take seriously so that raises two questions that are remarkably interesting but also very scary.

Who created this idea that the party’s switched sides and marketed it so well that they convinced a fair portion of the USA that it was true, if the parties did not switch sides which there is no evidence to say they did then who pulls the strings of the Democrats? Have the Democrats changed their ways or has their racism gone underground?

I mean the Democrats have never acknowledged or apologized for their racist history instead they have tried to peg that it is indeed the Republicans that are the racists and this doesn’t seem like the stance of a genuinely apologetic party it seems like the stance of a party that is trying to shift the blame onto somebody else as a way of sweeping their racist history under the rug.

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