Hi all, and welcome to the uncomfortable truth website. Based on my previous articles, you would think I am a shill for the republican party, but today we are going to talk about George Bush Jr.

Now, this president left office with the lowest approval rating of any president bar Truman at the time his presidency ended, and while there are a lot of things that people know about him, such as:

  1. He stated that Iraq was involved in 9-11
  2. He claimed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction
  3. He claimed that the terrorists hate us because they hate our freedom

Now I think the first two points have been debunked at this point, but I will discuss that now just in case that wasn’t the case.

The first is that Iraq was not involved in 9-11. There is no actual evidence that Iraq was involved in 9-11 apart from an unconfirmed report that a member of Al Qaeda met with a member of Saddam Hussein’s government but to confirm this report was never established as factual and can’t be used as evidence

The second was the claim that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction which was total crap that he admitted to in a press release. As Senator Bob Graham pointed out in his book Intelligence Matters, the reports we had shown that Saddam’s chemical weapons factories were destroyed in 1993 by an air raid by the US.

He claimed the terrorists hated us because they hated America’s freedom which, while there is a kernel of truth, was mostly stupid.

Bush is not necessarily the enemy of ultra-conservative Muslims that the media painted him to be. Being conservative Muslims, Al Qaeda had a problem with women’s fashion choices in the west. Still, one of their other problems with America was it interfering with middle eastern politics.

In another article, I will cover the relationship between the Bush family and the royal family of Saudi Arabia. Still, for now, we will focus on the financial interest of the Bush family.

It is not well known how the Bush family profited from the Iraq war and the timeline of how this occurred.

This is what grates me about Republicans and their defenders that will cite the Crooked Hillary memes and her blatant corruption, as covered in a previous article which is most definitely true. Still, then they make all sorts of excuses about Bush Jnr.

I have heard all sorts of excuses that he was in a difficult position and had to secure America. Still, this man waged war on Iraq under false pretenses, and his father personally profited from the war in Iraq.

Well, how did the Bush family profit from the war? Well, Bush Snr was a well-paid consultant at the Carlyle Group (an investment group) at the time, which I before the war had purchased between 15 to 30% of the stocks of Lockheed Martin just before the Iraq War in 9-11.

This was a significant conflict of interest because, at the time, George Bush Jnr was the president of the United States, putting him in a position to start a war. At the same time, the Carlyle Group bought those shares of Lockheed Martin, one of the most significant military contractors in the United States, which put them in a position to profit personally from the war.

Because if the USA were going to start a war with Iraq, they would buy extra weapons from Lockheed Martin, thus making money for the company that George Bush Snr was a well-paid consultant.

Lockheed Martin also appeared during the 2016 elections when Hillary Clinton was pushing for a no-fly zone in Syria without explaining why we should do that during the democratic nominations. Bernie Sanders correctly pointed out during the debate that this was a bad idea that would lead to a war with Syria.

But in my opinion, that is what Hillary Clinton was counting on, as reporters showed at the time that the largest donor to her campaign was Lockheed Martin. So they would have personally profited from a war in Syria, and as discussed in the previous article, Hillary loves her donors.

Now, if the Bush family personally profiting from the Iraq war wasn’t enough, let’s talk about the Patriot Act, which is an act that would have made his grandfather proud.

For those who don’t know, General Smedly Butler proved Prescott Bush was involved in a plot to replace the president of the United States with a fascist dictator, as fascism was all the rage in those days.

Prescott Bush got exposed when the general of the United States military, who they chose to be the dictator General Smedley D Butler, pretended to agree with the idea until he could gather evidence to prove who was involved. Prescott Bush was involved in the plot.

Even though the general proved that he was involved in the plot, he and the other conspirators were never arrested.

But the Patriot Act and its Lone wolf clause were a joke. Due to this act, people peacefully protesting the Iraq war in front of the white house were arrested due to the act.

There were reports where the FBI showed up at someone’s house to ask them questions about the negative things they said about Bush Jr at a private party. Yes, the Gestapo had arrived.

And the lone wolf clause was ridiculous as it allowed the government to spy on citizens even if they had no ties to terrorist organizations.

It’s no wonder that I call Bush Jnr or at least his policies fascist, and that’s not a word I use lightly as the left today often uses this word to describe anyone they disagree with, but the Patriot Act was fascism in action.

So, for the love of God, please stop defending this man. Now I don’t think he was the mastermind behind these policies and was just the public face of the administration, while people like Dick Cheney were probably the real brains of the operation.

I will discuss more about Bush Jnr’s presidency, but for now, this is enough to point out that this politician and his administration should not be defended.

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