Welcome to the uncomfortable truth website. Today I will discuss why Donald Trump got elected in the first place, and Hilary Clinton didn’t.

Welcome to the uncomfortable truth website. Today I will discuss why Donald Trump got elected in the first place, and Hilary Clinton didn’t.

This is because I believe a Republican will be in again after support for Biden has been tanking, especially amongst African Americans who are unhappy with his presidency. After all, he has done nothing for them while creating inflation.  

But before we talk about Biden’s presidency, I recently read the book How to Be Anti-Racist by Ibram X Kendi because I was researching the problems facing African American communities and wanted to get a leftist viewpoint on this problem.

It was initially tricky reading as I don’t believe the narrative that institutional racism currently exists in the United States.

Because apart from naming the entire police force, which the left often does despite statistics that show those police officers surveyed are more afraid to shoot black people than white people in America because they are so scared the media will go after them.

But the left doesn’t just say that the police are racist, which has its problems as there are black chiefs of police. Still, when asked which other institutions are racist, they often fail to provide an answer and will claim that racism has gone underground, but the logic is that if the racism has gone underground, how would you know unless you were in on it?

Anyway, I have to credit Ibram’s book as it wasn’t your typical leftist book. It did say that it was terrible to attack white people for being white, so for that and other reasons, such as explaining why African Americans from the West Indies do better than other African-Americans (which is a common talking point that rightists use to attack African-Americans).

While I enjoyed reading this book, even though I didn’t agree with everything, it made one claim that I found frustrating. It claimed that Hillary Clinton didn’t become president of the United States because Americans hate strong white women.

Now to give Ibram the benefit of the doubt, maybe there is a certain percentage of people who were turned off by Hillary being a strong white woman, but there are other reasons not to want Hillary to be president of the USA.

Now I am going to say that I became aware of these points after watching one of Dinesh D’Souza’s documentaries, Hillary’s America – The Secret History of the Democrats. Still, he provides evidence in this documentary of Hilary Clinton did some horrible things.

The first is that when she was working as a defence lawyer in 1975, she got a paedophile that she knew (or was certain) had raped a child, a 12-year-old girl, by cross-examining that child to make it look like that child went out seeking older men.

This child was a virgin before the attack and spent five days in a coma, months recovering from her injuries, and years in therapy. Imagine how traumatic it would be to be cross-examined in this way after being raped.

Now, while it was her job to do so, I honestly would find it disgusting for such an individual who came up with this method to get a paedophile off to become president of the United States.

I mean, being president of the USA comes with a lot of power, and I honestly don’t think it’s rational to believe that an individual such as Hillary Clinton, who did this, should be president of the USA. I mean, who’s to say she won’t abuse the system again for her political ends?

The president of the USA should be moral and willing to stick to their ethics in the most difficult of circumstances, as the justice system failed that little girl that day, and I feel that the justice system would fail again should Hillary Clinton be made president of the USA.

The audio recording in the documentary is quite chilling as she recounts how she got the paedophile off and her mindset. I will say that I didn’t agree with everything in Hillary’s America, but this point is backed up by audio evidence, so it is pretty chilling.

Then there were the Haitian protesters claiming that the Clinton Foundation took in a lot of money under the guise of helping the Haitians rebuild Haiti after an earthquake occurred there, but according to the protesters, barely any of the money went to helping the Haitian population.

This is also problematic as the UN designated Bill Clinton as the UN representative for aid to Haiti. At the same time, Hillary Clinton was the United States secretary of state in charge of US aid allocated to Haiti.

You can see how this is a significant conflict of interest as it means that the same couple not only controlled the funds being allocated to Haiti but would have had a substantial influence on the use of those funds in Haiti, especially since Bill Clinton established the Haiti Reconstruction Fund.

Also, protesters observed that several companies that received contracts in Haiti were the same organizations that donated significantly to the Clinton Foundation. Link here to prove the protest existed: https://haitiantimes.com/2017/01/13/protesters-demand-clinton-foundation-to-shut-down-on-anniversary-of-haiti-earthquake/

So, when people ask why people didn’t vote for Hillary, there are much better reasons than because she was a strong white woman. Also, even if all the above wasn’t the case, why should you people have voted for Hillary when voting for Obama didn’t change anything?

Barrack Obama was supposed to be the messiah who changed everything. His slogan was “Yes We Can”, and he was a constitutional lawyer before the presidency and from a minority background.

This would make him seem like the ultimate candidate to change America for the better, and more African Americans voted for him than any other candidate in history.

This makes sense as Americans were coming out of the Presidency of George Bush Jr. He brought fascism into America with the Patriot Act(which will be discussed in another article about 9-11).

But what did Obama change?

How did he address the problems of poverty and gun violence affecting inner-city African-American communities? By trying to ban assault rifles?

What good would that do as most of the gun violence in America, or what they call mass shootings, are perpetrated by gang violence, mainly using pistols?

So what is banning assault rifles going to do apart from disarming the lawful civilians who live in those gang-ridden communities as criminals don’t use assault rifles generally because they aren’t concealable?

I mean, the only attempt was Obama care, but there were many other issues that Obama could have addressed. The point was nothing that I can see changed after Obama’s presidency.

So, since Obama was the projected messiah to save America and he did jack crap, why do you think anyone would ever vote for a politician again, especially those African Americans that were duped into voting for him.

The only good that I can think that Obama tried to do was with Obama care, but it later turned out that this was going to force people with private insurers to switch insurance.

This created an anti-politician sentiment in the USA, especially amongst Republicans. While the term Crooked Hillary was accurate, why would anyone believe another politician would solve America’s problem when the messiah didn’t?

I have to say that even after Obama’s two terms in office if I had to vote again between Obama and Hillary, it wouldn’t be Hillary getting my vote.

And this is where Trump came in. Unlike professional politicians like Obama and Hillary, who, while well-spoken, were always measured in what was said to the point that you felt like they were saying what they were saying to get elected. Trump was exactly not that. Not a politician. Trump spoke his mind.

Also, if you remember, there was a point where every republican nominee and the potential nominees declared themselves an outsider because that was what people wanted.

He would tweet passionate posts sometimes without thinking of the consequences, such as when he retweeted posts by an anti-Muslimism organization in Britain. Still, he also took the African American unemployment rate to the lowest rate it’s ever been.

While people accused him of making a Muslim ban, that wasn’t true as it wasn’t a blanket ban against all Muslim countries, and he certainly didn’t ban anyone from Saudi Arabia (which is where most of the Muslim terrorism comes from).

And yes, he made some questionable quotes about how he handles women. Still, this honesty made him the popular candidate he was and the candidate to hate, which is why the leftist media still talked about Trump even after he stopped being president for a while.

But that was the point. Trump’s plain-spoken nature differentiated him from the professional politicians who are only in it for the money. Looking at how he was interviewed during the Republican nominations, you can see that the conservative media hated his guts at that time.

Now people will say that Trump only won because of white supremacy, but if that were the case, Obama never would have become president in the first place. Trump didn’t win the Republican nomination because the higher-ups in the Republicans liked him. He won it because the voters liked him.

Even though their politics were quite different, they were perceived similarly. They were both perceived as outsiders to change things. Trump was perceived as the kind of messiah that Obama failed to be.

While it may be true that white racists obviously would have voted for Trump, those same white racists also would have voted for Mitt Romney in the previous election, and Romney didn’t win that election, so there goes the argument.

Once again, thank you for reading my blog, and I hope that people are reading this wake-up and realize this two-party dichotomy is ridiculous. I always find it strange that people in America always vote among party lines.

Conservatives always love the Republicans even though George Bush Jnr was a fascist, and his great-grandfather Prescott Bush was proven to be involved in a plot to take over America and turn it into a fascist country. At the same time, Liberals always defend Democrats no matter what.  

Anyway, that was my article, and I’ll save the rant about the two-party dichotomy you see in America for another time but thank you for reading this article.

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